Every Good Gift Is from God

Kathleen Duncan shares God’s Truth in this excellent post on a sensitive topic:
“People don’t control nature. The spirits of those who have died do not command birds and bugs. God does. God is sovereign over all.
God does give us beautiful gifts! He sends us things that remind us we are loved. He gives us blessings of beauty, kindnesses, nature, and simple things that remind us that He sees and knows our pain. He loves us. He comforts us.”


So many beautiful things in nature and all around us! The majestic trees and beautiful sunsets. Flowers, birds, lovely insects like dragonflies and butterflies and ladybugs.

Yesterday as I sat pondering the past few weeks and missing not only my son by also my sweet mother-in-law who taught me to be a good wife and mom, a flock of cardinals landed in our trees. Three bright red males and a couple dozen females flitted from branch to branch and ate from our bird feeder.

Cardinals were Rita’s favorite birds.

Yet I knew this was not Rita speaking to me. Nor was she “with me” in that moment.

Scripture tells us that to be absent from the body is to be at home with the Lord. Those who physically die in Christ are immediately in His presence. They are no longer here but living eternally with Him.

Memories of Rita (and…

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