Up From the Ashes

It would easy to spend all my time preoccupied with the past. The way it was. Looking at – no examining - old photographs.  Studying, not just the image of our son, but the background, too.  Everyday scenery that has not changed but is so totally different now.  Trying to find the what-ifs casually arranged …

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Help for Ukraine

Ordinary people on both sides of this conflict are suffering significant hardship. I know there is suffering in many places around the world, but if you would like to help out in Ukraine, Slavic Gospel Association provides an easy and practical way to do it right now. https://www.sga.org/ukraineaid/ Urgent Need for Aid as up to …

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Reasons Not See a Psychic Medium

The following chapter was taken from the second-most viewed post on this site. The most often entered search term here, by far, has been some variation of "Should I consult a medium?" We can conclude that many are tempted. Here's what God has to say about it... Chapter 35, Detestable to the Lord - Never …

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In the Arms of My Father: Thoughts on Psalm Fifty-Five

From my book, Never Ceasing: God's Faithfulness in Grief My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me, and horror hath overwhelmed me. Psalm 55:4,5 This is not happening… The men from our church placed two stout spruce poles across the …

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Never Ceasing: God's Faithfulness in Grief

What is the ‘Resurrection of the Dead’?

Resurrection: (Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913) 1. (n.) A rising again; a return from death to life; as the resurrection of Christ. 2. (n.) Especially, the rising again from the dead; the resumption of life by the dead; as, the resurrection of Jesus Christ; the general resurrection of all the dead at the Day of …

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Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Did God take our son, or was it an accident? It depends on what you mean by “accident.” Was the crash unexpected, unintentional, unplanned? Yes, from our earthbound perspective, but not to God. The Lord was not caught off guard or taken by surprise on the night of the crash. Was the crash without divine …

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Would It Be Okay For Me To Be Angry With God? | Tim Challies

It felt like a test—a test of my faith, a test of my convictions, a test of my love for God. Soon, very soon, after I learned that my son had died, I received a message from an old acquaintance. Her intentions were good—she wanted to offer consolation. But her… Source: Would It Be Okay …

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The Ministry of Listening

Sometimes the best help we can give is a sensitive heart and a listening ear. Let's remember to listen. Anton Chekhov understood a newly bereaved parent's compelling need to talk about their loss. Here are excerpts form his short story, Misery. "With a look of anxiety and suffering Iona's eyes stray restlessly among the crowds …

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Another Year Closer

-Excerpt from my book Never Ceasing: God’s Faithfulness in Grief In cutting his earthly life short, God has withheld no good thing from our Hans. For the Christian, to die is gain, and Hans has surely gotten the better end of the deal. He is basking in the light of God’s presence, utterly shielded from …

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I see you. The one who is grieving this Christmas. You are missing someone today, someone you love. Someone who is gone from your sight. And it hurts. But still you sing. You buy the presents. You smile. You make the cookies. You praise God because He is worthy. And because it is Christmas. And …

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If We Could Hear Them Singing

BELLS ACROSS THE SNOWO Christmas, merry Christmas,Is it really come again,With its memories and greetings,With its joy and with its pain!There’s a minor in the carolAnd a shadow in the light,And a spray of cypress twiningWith the holly wreath tonight.And the hush is never brokenBy laughter light and low,As we listen in the starlightTo the …

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Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

I do not believe that Hans will suffer a loss of reward simply because his earthly life was short. His time here was relatively brief, but it was complete; therefore, there was no longer any reason for him to stay among us. Instead, it was ordained of God that Hans should continue his life in …

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