Revised Post: Angry At God

Anger is destructive.  It is a nasty weapon in the arsenal of the Destroyer.  How’s it working for you?  Does it not make you unbelievably tired?  Wouldn’t you like to lay it down and walk away?  Wouldn’t you like to replace it with something more productive, something more God-honoring?  Wouldn’t you like to rest? Read…… Continue reading Revised Post: Angry At God

Revised Post: Sure

Experiencing the wrenching pain of child loss has helped me to recognize more fully that most grieving people have an intense need for hope, for assurance that they will someday be reunited with their loved ones. Assurance and hope based on facts leads to peace and can take the edge off grief when it threatens…… Continue reading Revised Post: Sure

Angry At God

Anger.  We have all experienced it.  For some it is a burning, churning, table-pounding rage.   For others, it is more of a low-grade infection that burrows deep into the heart.  It simmers on the back burner of the mind giving off an unpleasant aroma, occasionally boiling over and making an unsightly mess. For a variety…… Continue reading Angry At God