Re-Post: Trust God?! Why Should I?

In the wake of child loss, it seems many parents, even believing parents, find their trust in God has been severely shaken.  They may become angry at God.  Or, they hold themselves at a distance from Him.  They are reserved in their relationship with Him.  They may stop praying or attending church.  They open the…… Continue reading Re-Post: Trust God?! Why Should I?

Re-Post: Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Interview with Helen Roseveare (video)

In this interview there is special encouragement for women who have suffered sexual assault, for parents who have experienced child loss (segment three), and for anyone who has endured extreme trauma. Take a break and spend a few minutes with this refreshingly pleasant and amazing woman. Click here to watch video        

Who Do You Trust?

By definition, God is good and God is love.  Therefore, everything He does is good.  I trust Him on that basis.  I do not trust that He will do what I want or that He will spare me pain.  I trust HIM because He is wise and He loves me.  I do not trust in…… Continue reading Who Do You Trust?

New Friends

Originally published October 15, 2016 In these past nine months since Hans drove to the highway, I have dreamed of him only once.  I had this dream shortly after he left us and it was very brief. In my dream, Sunday worship had just concluded and Hans was standing with a group of men outside…… Continue reading New Friends

Revised Post: The Facts

“This heavy sorrow is what I feel.  It is not a reflection of what I, as a Christian, believe.  I know where our son is and  I believe what God has told me about our eternal home.  Why then do I sorrow? It is because each crashing wave of grief is my flesh crying out…… Continue reading Revised Post: The Facts

Revised Post: Called

“I do not believe in accidents. If I thought the crash was “just an accident”, a freak chance event, I might just lose myself in despair, in the pointlessness of it.   It would take an impossible amount of faith for me to believe the crash was an accident.  The precision of the timing and logistics…… Continue reading Revised Post: Called

Trust God?! Why Should I?

You are hanging from a rope over a yawning chasm.  Your climbing partner has just plunged into the abyss right before your eyes and has met with a terrifying, horrible death.  And there you are, alone and afraid, twisting in the wind at the end of your rope, stunned at the loss of your friend. …… Continue reading Trust God?! Why Should I?

Letter To A Friend

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.  Romans 12:15 One of the things that ministered to me the most after Hans left us, was the genuine sorrow people shared with us.  It is a sweet joy when folks are brave enough to let me know Hans mattered to them, too. …… Continue reading Letter To A Friend

Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Interview with Helen Roseveare (video)

You are going through something terrible – your worst nightmare has come true.  Suppose, in the midst of it, God were to ask you: “Can you thank me for trusting you with this experience, even if I never tell you why?” How would you respond? Listen to Dr. Helen Roseveare (1925-2016) as she shares the…… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Interview with Helen Roseveare (video)

Accident or Appointment?

…this thing is from me. 1 Kings 12:24 Did God Take Our Son, or Was it an Accident? “No, God does not do evil.  God is good.  But he does direct events here on earth and allows sinful man a lot of freedom to prove his utter hopelessness apart from the Almighty. And sometimes that…… Continue reading Accident or Appointment?


Eight days before Hans died, in Sunday morning worship at church, we sang the hymn “More Love to Thee” by Elizabeth Prentiss.  It is a challenge for me to sing this hymn honestly and I have always hesitated when beginning verse three which, in our hymnbook, reads: Let sorrow do its work, Send grief and…… Continue reading Courageous

Christmas Prayer

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6 At Christmas time each year, Manfred always takes the children off into the woods…… Continue reading Christmas Prayer