Why Trust God? Why Follow Him?

Our God would not allow this terrible pain unless he had a very, very good reason. I trust Him for that. There is nothing else. I trust Him because He is good and because He does what He says He will do. He is real, and He sees our pain. We follow Him, not because…… Continue reading Why Trust God? Why Follow Him?

Thoughts on Psalm 103

When considering the magnitude of what the Lord Jesus has done for us, His children, I rejoice. But sometimes this joy is too deep for just a smile or a prayer or a song. Many times, with gratitude, I can only weep. PsalmsChapter 103 (A Psalm of David.) Bless the LORD, O my soul: and…… Continue reading Thoughts on Psalm 103

Strengthened According to His Word: Part Four

The Blessings of Sound Doctrine (Part four of a four-part series) Great peace have they which love thy law… Psalm 119:165 To be optimally prepared for the devastations of life, we must know Him, and we must believe what He has said. We do not have to know much about God to reap the blessings of…… Continue reading Strengthened According to His Word: Part Four

Job’s Wife

“God is good when things are going my way. God is good when things are not optimal. God is good when life is smooth and peaceful. God is good when calamity strikes. The fact that God allows painful things to happen does not change who He is.” Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou…… Continue reading Job’s Wife