Book Review: From Grief to Glory by James W. Bruce III

This book is one of the first I wept through in the early days after Hans went Home to be with the Lord.  I had purchased a copy some years ago for a friend, never dreaming I would someday need the profound encouragement it offers.

James Bruce begins this book by sharing his own story of the death of his infant son, John Cameron Bruce, fifty-five days after his birth.

He continues in succeeding chapters with narrative accounts, journal entries and poetry written by or about notable Christians from times past, all who suffered the death of one or more children.

We are given the God honoring stories of men and women of faith such as Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, John Calvin, Hetty Wesley, Matthew Henry, George Whitefield, George Muller, Horatius Bonar and others.  What an amazing thing it is to connect with men and women of God who were, after all, just hurting, wounded parents like myself.  To share in this fellowship of suffering, though separated by time and circumstance, is a solemn honor and I am thankful to those who have gone before for what they have written for our benefit.

I wish I could reproduce the whole book right here for you to read.  There is so much solid Truth here.  Every page of this book is full of wisdom and encouragement, and each time I read it I am strengthened as in those turbulent early months when these stories of faith and sorrow expressed what was churning in my own broken heart.

Of the many grief books I have read, From Grief to Glory: Spiritual Journeys of Mourning Parents has provided the most solid Biblical encouragement by far and has helped me to know that in this trial I am not alone.

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Another book for those who have lost a loved one:

3 thoughts on “Book Review: From Grief to Glory by James W. Bruce III

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  2. Thank you for sharing this book review. I will definitely be adding it to my list of books to read. I am always encouraged when I read about the saints who have gone before-it puts flesh on the things I believe and helps me walk them out. I’m glad you had this book on hand when Hans ran ahead to heaven. God had already provided.

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