24 thoughts on “Two Years

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  3. joanmariewriting41457

    Kim, you and your family are in my heart prayers tonight and today – as you honor the life lived here on this earth of your precious son Hans and the joy that is set before us as we await the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly reunion !!

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  4. It’s a hard day for your heart I’m sure, in spite of your absolute assurance that Hans is in Heaven with his Savior living life as it was actually meant to be – in pure fellowship with God. This is the place where joy and sorrow meet, but it’s okay if today the sorrow overshadows the joy. I guess I’ve come to believe that sorrow is the foil that sets off and enhances the joy to come. The greatest depths of sorrow will be completely and utterly overwhelmed by the joy that awaits us. So it’s okay to fully experience your sorrow instead of constantly working to rise above it. Christ has already conquered death and the grave and the day is coming where you and Hans will join in the victory parade with shouts of praise and joy beyond measure because the cost was so very high.

    I hope that you are aware of the encouragement and consolation you minister to others. That you know that Hans is still touching hearts for Christ through his photographs combined with your words. That the life he lived is valued by so many beyond the members of your family. His life still speaks. The two of you are speaking life and bringing light to dark places.

    God be with you and the rest of your family, especially on this hard, hard anniversary. Sending love and hugs from my heart to yours.

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  5. Teresa Everett

    I began following you after reading some posts you shared with the “While We’re Waiting” group. I have appreciated your thoughts every time I read one of your pieces. I have thought about you and your family all day today as it is 2 years for you all. Today in the devotional, Streams in the Desert I thought of you too. It’s about comforting others. “You will be wounded so that in the binding up of your wounds by the Great Physician, you may learn how to render first aid to the wounded everywhere.” Your writings have been a comfort to me and I’m sure many many others. Thank you for sharing and the photos that Hans took are beautiful.

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    1. Thank you, Teresa. The WWW group was where I found much comfort and encouragement in those early months after Hans left us. Every parent that contributes even a small comment or who simply clicks on the “like” or the “❤” button, offers comfort to the rest of us. I saw the “Streams” for today, too. I like the part that says: “God does not comfort us to make us comfortable, but to make us comforters.” Your sweet comments have comforted me today. Thank you.

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  6. atimetoshare.me

    Kim, thank you for sharing the highlights of Hans’ life through photographs. He was a very handsome young man. I started following you a year ago, when our then pastor and his wife lost their youngest son in a tragic car crash. The similarities in your situations was very touching to me. Life has a way of getting us through these horrible times, but we never really get over them. The loss of a child has to be the greatest of all. I pray that your heart can heal and it will become easier for you to bear the pain, but I know it will be marked on your heart for the rest of your life. May God give you temporary comfort until you are reunited with Hans in heaven.

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  7. kerykos

    I was privileged to work alongside of your son and daughter.

    I remember once driving by the Corinthian Baptist Church in Fairbanks. Hans snorted. He asked why anyone would call their church after Corinth. “Haven’t they read what Paul wrote to the church at Corinth?”

    We both chuckled all the way home.

    I look forward to sharing the joy of being in the Presence of the Lord with him.

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  8. ❤ Kim, I love you…You and your family are on my heart, in my prayers…Hans, such a precious, handsome young man…I am so very sorry for your loss and my heart breaks again with you as I pray for the grace, mercy, love and comfort of our Heavenly Father be ministered to you by His Holy Spirit and through the love of your brothers and sisters in Christ… Heaven's reunion shall be eternally sweet…<3

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  9. Sherry Dunne

    What a handsome young man. I have been so blessed and encouraged by your posts, Kim. Thank you for so honestly sharing your loss and your faith and hope. God bless you.

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