The Sound of the Wind

The Sound of the Wind

Why does the sound of the wind break my heart?It carries away the long-ago laughterOf yesterday’s childrenAnd flings it beyond my reachThe wind runs without a careAlong trails blazed by my mighty hunterBrushing over the fields of your boyhoodAs if your absence does not matterYesterday’s gentle breeze returns empty-handedFierce and without mercyIts icy sting freezes …

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A Villequier by Victor Hugo

Inconsolable: “A Villequier” by Victor Hugo

Nothing cheery about this rather long poem but I love how the words are put together to describe the depth and complexity of the pain of child loss. "Do not be irritated that I am like this,O my God! this wound bled for so long!The anguish in my heart is still the strongest thing,and my …

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