Songs in the Night

The strength of the vessel can be demonstrated only by the hurricane, and the power of the Gospel can be fully shown only when the Christian is subjected to some fiery trial. If God would make manifest the fact that “He giveth songs in the night,” He must first make it night.

–William Taylor

Land of the Midnight Song

Right now here in Alaska, with our 24 hours of daylight, the songbirds sing all night long.  For the past several weeks, a white crowned sparrow, who is apparently nesting near our bedroom window, has been keeping me awake at night.

This morning, however, I awoke with a start.  Something was wrong.

It took me a minute to realize there was not one bird singing outside.  But then, I remembered: they get quiet when the courting is over and the nesting begins.  In my sleepiness, I had forgotten this and found it a little unsettling.  Too quiet.

Then I got up and read this in Streams in the Desert:

“Where is God my maker, who giveth songs in the night” (Job 35:10).

Do you have sleepless nights, tossing on the hot pillow, and watching for the first glint of dawn? Ask the Divine Spirit to enable you to fix your thoughts on God your Maker, and believe that He can fill those lonely, dreary hours with song.

Is yours the night of bereavement? Is it not often, at such a time, that God draws near and assures the mourner that the Lord has need of the departed loved one, and that He has called “the eager, earnest spirit to stand in the bright throng of the invisible – liberated, radiant, active, and intent on some high mission”?  And as the thought enters, is there not the beginning of a song?

Is yours the night of discouragement and fancied or actual failure? No one understands you, your friends reproach; but your Maker draws nigh, and gives you a song – a song of hope, the song which is harmonious with the strong, deep music of His providence.  Be ready to sing the songs that your Maker gives.


Thank you, Lord, for grace to sing in the night.

book cover streams in the desert cowman

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6 thoughts on “Songs in the Night

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    1. I had seen S in the D in the bookstores for many years & never knew exactly what it was all about. After Hans left us, someone gave me a copy as a gift. The Lord’s timing is perfect because I don’t think I would have gotten half so much out of it before child loss. Sorrow surely opens ones eyes to truths once glanced over.


  2. Kathy

    I love this. Yes there are pockets of comfort through grief and they grow larger as time passes. God has left us the Comforter, in the Holy Spirit. It must be incredible to hear birds sing all night.

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