One Year

Can it be a whole year since we saw our boy’s face?

If you have a special memory of Hans (no matter how long ago), a funny story, or a photo you would like to share, please leave it in the comments section below, or visit Hans’ memorial website here.

Every memory posted is a treasure to us.  Thank you.


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12 thoughts on “One Year

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  2. joanmariewriting41457

    Kim, you are on my heart, in my thoughts and prayers…all of your family, especially today and tomorrow…loving, comforting hugs being sent to you in spirit…<3 other than that, there simply are no.words. Hans has such a peaceful, loving smile and eyes – reminds me so much of our John ❤

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  3. Praying for you especially today, Kim. That you will feel the Father’s loving arms around you and that Hans’ friends will bless you with many, many memories of him. He is a handsome man and missing him is so very hard.

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