7 thoughts on “Out Loud

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  2. Your sentiments are soothing and gracious. I too lost a child, a beautiful baby girl whom I shared for only four months.
    I must tell you that in real time I couldn’t find that grace. There was a train wreck crashing all around me and my young father that I didn’t invite or have answers for.
    Sometimes children die without God or faith standing close by. What’s left is confusion, anxiety, doubt, fear, loneliness, and anger. It can take years to come to terms with answers you might not like, accept, or learn to ask. Not every parent travels this road with eyes focused on faith, at least not then.
    Those parents need grace to find them.
    Thanks for your peaceful images.

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    1. Yes, I understand the train wreck analogy. Child loss is so very hard and I am so very thankful grace found me. My heart breaks for those who carry their pain alone. Thank you for your words of wisdom.


      1. I am glad you understood my story a little better. I was discussing my book with one of the stores in Cincinnati that is stocking and the owner was telling me she lost her husband a few years ago and she is still grieving. My suggestion, while I’m certainly no expert, was to not rush the grieving process. I believe we are supposed to hold on to all the memories we have and I don’t think the grieving process is supposed to end…at least not completely.
        I have a two new blogs on my website, one for my story, the other for my love and appreciation of music (kirk-spenncer.com). I am very new to the blogging process. I wonder if you could share any ideas you have based on your experiences?
        Also, would you be interested in sharing some comments on my blog? I am not trying to build a base of followers simply to gain advertising money, I just think my book might help other families experiencing the most difficult time in their lives.
        Appreciate your thoughts and guidance, sincerely, Kirk Spencer

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      2. Your suggestion to the bookstore owner was wise. Though it is important keep from sinking into unhealthy despair, I believe it is also important to grieve thoroughly and take things one day at a time.
        Being new to blogging myself, I’m not sure I can offer much in the way of advice. The book “How to Blog a Book” helped me figure out the blogosphere rules of the road. If your content is something needed by people and you are able to present it to them where they are, I think the Lord will direct people to your material. I hope to make some time soon to get over to your site and catch up on what you have there. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here. I appreciate it.


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