Jesus Christ is Lord. AI Says So.

I was exploring some of the behind-the-scenes tools and features available to those of us who use the WordPress platform to publish blog posts and other web content, and was surprised to find that we now have AI (artificial intelligence) capability at our disposal.

Now, while I have never before considered using AI for anything, I was intrigued and thought I would give it a spin. I simply typed in a title for this post-‘Jesus Christ is Lord’-hit a button, and out came the following paragraph:

Jesus Christ is Lord of all! He is the one true God who came and sacrificed himself for us so that we could be saved from the power of sin and death. His love and grace are unparalleled, and his mercy and forgiveness never-ending. We can always trust the Lord and seek Him when we are in need. He is our rock and our refuge, and we can be confident in His strength and power. All glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ!

To be honest, I was expecting results comparable to say, Google Translate of about ten years ago. But this paragraph reads very much like it was written by a human.

And that worries me.

I find it a little disconcerting that there are probably many things on the internet that are written using this technology and I am not even aware of it while I read.

When I am enjoying a great post or informational article on the internet, I would like to believe I am reading real thoughts propagated by real people who have real knowledge and experience related to their content.

But how can I ever know for sure? And how easy must it be to feed a deceptive worldview into a computer and have it spew out incrementally distorted material?

Feels a little spooky to me. What do you think?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. I am particularly interested in what you think about the AI paragraph above and the accuracy of its message.

13 thoughts on “Jesus Christ is Lord. AI Says So.

  1. Hi Kim. I suspect the AI chatblog that provided the answer simply pulled together a bunch of Christian statements associated with the phrase “Jesus is Lord” and assembled them in paragraph form. I wondered what would happen if you entered “Krishna is Lord.”

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    I’m with you, Kim. I believe the words we read, write or soak in should be written by real people. The personal touch is becoming nonexistent today. Not only in our words, but our actions as well. Many hearts are broken or inspired by both. We need to be face to face to truly communicate and I prefer a human face to an artificial one.

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  3. I find the subject of AI interesting, but I feel it has no place in writing Biblical devotions. My reason for this is the distinct lack of a spirit in the writer; a preacher of the Word must know the Author (God), or they will be found out by the Bereans amongst us.

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      1. A further to this thought Kim, the Holy Spirit is for mankind (His Creation). As I see it, the Holy Spirit is not going to reside in and guide an inanimate object.
        But it is an interesting ethical question all the same; thank you for raising it Kim.

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  4. Hi Kim, just so you know, none of my posts are the byproducts of AI. There are always positives and negatives with any new form of innovation that catches on and I am pretty sure that AI will definitely catch on for more and more people as time goes by. AI can aid with research, provide suggestions to include when addressing a specific subject, provide summaries, plus a host of other time saving benefits. But even as it improves, it still falls short of what the human mind can provide and especially, express. And as with all media related tools, there is a danger of shifting our dependency from God, to a tool designed by man. The response you got back was better than I thought it would be, but still lacked the finer granularity that speaks to the totality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Interesting times indeed! You have yourself a blessed day, Kim!

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  5. Artificial intelligence has some downsides to it. Right now they are developing robots that look like humans but they perform from a program. This takes jobs from humans and I believe there is a dark side to it. The robotic vacuums have microphones so private companies can find out all about us for their gain. Also there are listening going on from our phones, smart thermostats and other things. It feels like a big brother over reach.

    I read the AI paragraph and on a cursory level it appeared fine. Then I asked Holy Spirit, to tell me more. I then noticed that it talked about the power of sin and death and later about God’s strength and power. It said we can seek him when we are in need. AI missed the relationship that Father God wants with his children. It is not about power but about love and abundant life. Spending time with our Father comes from a close relationship. We need to ask Holy Spirit to give us discernment and wisdom.

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    1. You have raised a lot of good points. I agree, the AI generated paragraph seems a bit watered down to me, as if sin and death are externals rather than a product of our own lost condition. Also, no mention of the resurrection or the eternal consequences of rejecting the Savior. Thanks for your thoughtful response!

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  6. Well said!

    If you’re looking to up your blog content game, there’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) can help. And if you’re looking to do it in a way that’s more accurate and engaging, you can do so with the help of a few tools. I personally am extremely excited to see how AI will change the world.


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