Would It Be Okay For Me To Be Angry With God? | Tim Challies

It felt like a test—a test of my faith, a test of my convictions, a test of my love for God. Soon, very soon, after I learned that my son had died, I received a message from an old acquaintance. Her intentions were good—she wanted to offer consolation. But her… Source: Would It Be Okay…… Continue reading Would It Be Okay For Me To Be Angry With God? | Tim Challies

Revised Post: Angry At God

Anger is destructive.  It is a nasty weapon in the arsenal of the Destroyer.  How’s it working for you?  Does it not make you unbelievably tired?  Wouldn’t you like to lay it down and walk away?  Wouldn’t you like to replace it with something more productive, something more God-honoring?  Wouldn’t you like to rest? Read…… Continue reading Revised Post: Angry At God


Betrayal is the act of violating the trust or confidence of another. It is to be false, faithless, treacherous. To betray is to abandon, desert, deceive; to lead astray; to deliver to an enemy by treachery; to fail or desert especially in time of need; to be unfaithful in guarding; to disappoint the hopes or expectations.…… Continue reading Betrayed

Angry At God

Anger.  We have all experienced it.  For some it is a burning, churning, table-pounding rage.   For others, it is more of a low-grade infection that burrows deep into the heart.  It simmers on the back burner of the mind giving off an unpleasant aroma, occasionally boiling over and making an unsightly mess. For a variety…… Continue reading Angry At God

Cleaning House

NOTE: The following was written some time ago on a rather difficult day.  I needed to get this out of my heart and onto paper.  I wasn’t going to publish it.  But maybe it will help someone.  It’s pretty raw, but here it is… Why I Do Not Want to Move On. Why I Do…… Continue reading Cleaning House