Depression and the Child of God

There is no getting around the fact that losing a loved one is a painful experience and a legitimate reason for being sad. Sometimes, (especially when we have been hurting for what seems like a very long time), we, or someone who cares about us, may wonder if we are OK. I am not a…… Continue reading Depression and the Child of God

Re-Post: What Is This Thing Called Faith?

Faith must have as its object something bigger than self.  Bigger than anyone or anything.  Faith must trust in something bigger than death. There is no point in having a lot of faith in something little. Click here to read the whole thing.

Why Religion Doesn’t Help

Religion can mean different things to different people.  I do not consider myself to be a religious person.  I am a Christian.  A Believer.  A Bible Believer.  I might even be a Baptist. I go to church every week to worship and hear the Word of God preached. But I would not refer to myself…… Continue reading Why Religion Doesn’t Help

Book Review: ‘Not By Accident’ by Isabel Fleece

I cannot say enough good things about this book.  I read it over and over in the early months after Hans left us and was greatly encouraged.  Mrs. Fleece is a wise and gentle woman whose writing style is both comforting and instructional. Not By Accident: What I Learned from My Son’s Untimely Death tells…… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Not By Accident’ by Isabel Fleece

What is This Thing Called Faith?

Hans took this picture while standing pretty much at the edge of a cliff overlooking Cook Inlet.  That’s his shadow in the lower right corner.  He made a point of showing me this picture (smiling), knowing I would experience significant after-the-fact-terror. Despite the photo, faith is not a leap off a cliff.  It is a…… Continue reading What is This Thing Called Faith?

The Crux of the Matter

Without the Resurrection, if Jesus did not rise bodily from the dead, then our departed son is also dead, just dead – and the whole churchy Bible thing is a bogus fabrication.  Without a living Jesus, Hans is GONE. If Jesus is not alive, then I have believed a lie and will never see our…… Continue reading The Crux of the Matter