The Ministry of Sorrow | Tim Challies

“We should not long to suffer, but we should be willing to. We should not desire loss, but we should consent to bow the head, to bow the heart, to bow the knee, and to be a blessing to God’s people in whatever sorrows God ordains for us. When we surrender ourselves to God, we…… Continue reading The Ministry of Sorrow | Tim Challies

‘Angry at God’ by Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni Eareckson Tada on Doubting God’s Goodness Excerpts: “Although so many so-called Christian therapists will try to convince you that it’s okay to lay it all out and vent your anger against God full force.  Some will even tell you that you need to forgive God…  friend that is the wrong advice.  Never cast aspersions on His…… Continue reading ‘Angry at God’ by Joni Eareckson Tada

Revised Post: Angry At God

Anger is destructive.  It is a nasty weapon in the arsenal of the Destroyer.  How’s it working for you?  Does it not make you unbelievably tired?  Wouldn’t you like to lay it down and walk away?  Wouldn’t you like to replace it with something more productive, something more God-honoring?  Wouldn’t you like to rest? Read…… Continue reading Revised Post: Angry At God

Angry At God

Anger.  We have all experienced it.  For some it is a burning, churning, table-pounding rage.   For others, it is more of a low-grade infection that burrows deep into the heart.  It simmers on the back burner of the mind giving off an unpleasant aroma, occasionally boiling over and making an unsightly mess. For a variety…… Continue reading Angry At God