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“I do not believe in accidents.

If I thought the crash was “just an accident”, a freak chance event, I might just lose myself in despair, in the pointlessness of it.   It would take an impossible amount of faith for me to believe the crash was an accident.  The precision of the timing and logistics does not allow for mere chance.  It was unexpected (by us) but it was not accidental.  It was the appointed time.  An act of love and sovereign purpose.

Our God would not allow this terrible pain unless he had a very, very good reason.  I trust Him for that.  There is nothing else.  I trust Him because He is good and because He does what He says He will do.  He is real and He sees our pain.  When we see Hans again, we will know what happened that night and we will also know God’s purpose.

 We want it to be abundantly clear to anyone who questions why God allowed this to happen to our family, that we serve a God who is worthy to be praised, even though He took something very, very precious to us. 

We follow Him, not because he spares us from heartache (because He hasn’t); not because of anything He gives us or does for us. 

We follow Him and love Him because He is Almighty God who loves us.  He knows what He is doing and we trust Him.” 

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