New Friends

Originally published October 15, 2016

The Dream

In these past nine months since Hans drove to the highway, I have dreamed of him only once.  I had this dream shortly after he left us and it was very brief.

In my dream, Sunday worship had just concluded and Hans was standing with a group of men outside on the lawn in front of the church.  I did not recognize any of the men.  I could tell they were all engaged in a conversation of some depth and import.  Our youngest son, Noah, was there in the group, too, at the edge, observing and listening, but not really a part of the conversation.

Hans turned to look at me.  His expression said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.  I can’t go home with you.  This is important.”  He smiled a happy and reassuring smile, waved, and then turned back to the conversation.  He had no desire to leave this group of men and I sensed he knew I understood that he was exactly where he was supposed to be, that it was necessary for him to remain.  He was not hungry and wanting to get home to spaghetti dinner.  He was not interested in anything but what was being discussed in this group of men.  He was very calm and serious, clearly comfortable with these men and very interested in what was being said.  Noah then walked away from the group of men to where I was standing.

End of dream.

8 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. Ali

    I had a dream of my boy, Sean just weeks after he passed in 2012. We were in a large building and it seemed as though a party was going on. I was sitting at a table with others and I saw Sean come running in to the refreshment stand. Our eyes met and he walked over and hugged me. I followed him to the stand and he drank some water. Then he said with a so much excitement “I’m going to dance some more but I’ll see you soon!”
    Then he ran off.
    He was in his usual jeans and flannel shirt but also wore a clear jump suit of sorts. Interesting.,..

    My younger son dreamed of him being in the other side of a clear river, leaning back and strumming his guitar. My younger son went to cross over and Sean told him “Not now, but soon you’ll be able to.” Then he woke up.

    I believe God sends us signs and comfort through these dreams.

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  2. I had only one dream of Roma that was clear. And it was similar to yours. He, too, was with other men, and he had mission. He was more of a man than before. He left his group of men and hugged me and we chatted briefly. When I felt him pull away to rejoin the men, I told him we would go through the whole adoption process again, if he would stay. Then Roma said, “Mom, I’ll meet you is Israel.” And he hugged me tight and turned and was done. It was so real.

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    1. Tears. Except for the part where you spoke to each other and he hugged you, it is basically the same dream. “He was more of a man than before and had a mission.” That was the exact sense I had, too. Amazing how God knows just how to comfort us.


  3. Hi Kim, I am assuming that you took from the dream that Hans was where he was supposed to be and Noah was where he was supposed to be, with you. Beautiful how God meets our deepest needs. Blessings!

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    1. Yes, the dream helped me to know that Hans was fine and that God’s decision was perfect for all of us. In the dream, I stood in the same spot where, in real life, I last spoke with Hans face to face the day before the crash. The real life event was me saying a casual goodbye to Hans and Noah before leaving for an overnight trip with my husband and middle son. The dream was pretty much a replay of that moment augmented with God’s reassurance and a more satisfying goodbye.


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