photo: Noah Nolywaika

Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. Psalm 105:2

Everything you do is wonderful—even those things I do not understand.

Especially those things.

By your power, you hold all things together: the water I drink, the ground I stand on, the atmosphere I breathe, the granite stone with our son’s name carved into it, the particles within the atoms of my bruised and hurting heart.

You alone hold the universe together by the power of your might, by the force of your will, by the strength of your love.

-Excerpt from, Never Ceasing: God’s Faithfulness in Grief

3 thoughts on “Wondrous

  1. Hans’ photography and your hard gotten insights Kim have a depth only borne in grief and hard times. I do not understand the way of God that he can make our heart soar on a higher level when it’s been broken. How peace in full depth is wrought by our most ferocious storms. I look forward to reading your book and it’s insights.

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