I see you. The one who is grieving this Christmas. You are missing someone today, someone you love. Someone who is gone from your sight. And it hurts. But still you sing. You buy the presents. You smile. You make the cookies. You praise God because He is worthy. And because it is Christmas. And…… Continue reading Persevering

If We Could Hear Them Singing

BELLS ACROSS THE SNOWO Christmas, merry Christmas,Is it really come again,With its memories and greetings,With its joy and with its pain!There’s a minor in the carolAnd a shadow in the light,And a spray of cypress twiningWith the holly wreath tonight.And the hush is never brokenBy laughter light and low,As we listen in the starlightTo the…… Continue reading If We Could Hear Them Singing

Bells Across the Snow

BELLS ACROSS THE SNOW O Christmas, merry Christmas, Is it really come again, With its memories and greetings, With its joy and with its pain! There’s a minor in the carol And a shadow in the light, And a spray of cypress twining With the holly wreath tonight. And the hush is never broken By…… Continue reading Bells Across the Snow

Re-post: Christmas Prayer

“Last year’s Christmas tree day – which was a few weeks before Hans left us for Heaven – as I prayed for my family, I had an awareness that the coming year could possibly hold a special challenge for us.  I felt a little apprehensive, but … well, you know how mothers are, we always…… Continue reading Re-post: Christmas Prayer

The Incomparable Christ

HE CAME from the bosom of the Father to the bosom of a woman.  He became Son of man that we might become sons of God.  He came from heaven where the rivers never freeze, winds never blow, frosts never chill the air, flowers never fade and no one is ever sick – no undertakers…… Continue reading The Incomparable Christ

Christmas Prayer

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6 At Christmas time each year, Manfred always takes the children off into the woods…… Continue reading Christmas Prayer

Baubles & Trinkets

Our last Christmas tree with Hans was cut in mid-December 2015.  Usually, the spruces stay fresh and last well into January, sometimes sprouting new growth and even shedding pollen in the house.  Manfred ordinarily cuts the tree and the children haul it home on a sled.  But this time last year, Manfred’s knee was giving…… Continue reading Baubles & Trinkets