I see you.

The one who is grieving this Christmas. You are missing someone today, someone you love. Someone who is gone from your sight.

And it hurts.

But still you sing. You buy the presents. You smile. You make the cookies. You praise God because He is worthy. And because it is Christmas.

And in an act of bravery, you put up the tree. You want it to be good for the rest of the family.

If possible.

And I am so proud of you.

It cheers my heart to see you do this. You post the picture of the tree on Facebook. It adds to the warmth of the season. It ministers strength to the rest of us. In the Lord, we can do this. Together.

You give though it costs you something.

And I thank you.

4 thoughts on “Persevering


    This has been a time of great loss for so many. An empty chair at Christmas seems to fill the heart with memories of that person who once sat there. Emotions run high and even the most staunch of those who believe in God, can wonder why this pain won’t go away. Then we think about the manger and the little child who came to conquer death and bring us to eternal life. What joy for those who are already with Him and what peace for those who long to be. Merry Christmas Kim.

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  2. Amen sister, it is the sacrifice of praise. Perseverance is hardly preached but so essential to our faith, even our salvation, “He who endures to the end will be saved”.
    Thank you sister, may the Lord order our steps thru the new year. ⚘

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