Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Interview with Helen Roseveare (video)


You are going through something terrible – your worst nightmare has come true.  Suppose, in the midst of it, God were to ask you:

“Can you thank me for trusting you with this experience, even if I never tell you why?”

How would you respond?

Listen to Dr. Helen Roseveare (1925-2016) as she shares the answer she gave in the face of horrific circumstances.

In this interview there is special encouragement for women who have suffered sexual assault, for parents who have experienced child loss (segment three), and for anyone who has endured extreme trauma.

Take a break and spend a few minutes with this refreshingly pleasant and amazing woman.

What has God trusted you with?


7 thoughts on “Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Interview with Helen Roseveare (video)

  1. Thank you for sharing this incredible story, Kim. What a sweet spirit Helen had!

    Do you have any of Helen’s books? (I guess the book mentioned in the video is no longer available.)

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  2. I am so thankful you shared this Kim. It’s helpful and encouraging. These older saints can speak hope to our hearts because they have walked a long, faithful path with the Shepherd . She was a woman who truly trusted Him and I need to hear these testimonies more often.

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