Revised Post: The Facts


“This heavy sorrow is what I feel.  It is not a reflection of what I, as a Christian, believe.  I know where our son is and  I believe what God has told me about our eternal home.  Why then do I sorrow?

It is because each crashing wave of grief is my flesh crying out for the son who has been taken from me.  It is my soul missing his soul.  My flesh missing his flesh.  It is in my nature to protect and care for my child – and I cannot.  This powerlessness assaults a significant portion of the essence of who I am – my motherness.

It is true that the day on which I last saw my son is moving farther and farther away from me in time.  It feels like we are leaving him behind.  But to think like this all the time is to look in the wrong direction.  If I turn around, I see that I am moving forward toward the day when we will be together again.  The grasping for the past must be replaced by joyful anticipation of the future.  The time between now and then is getting shorter every minute.  Hans is in my future.  For us, the earthbound ones, that is where our departed children are.”

Read the entire post here.

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