Survival is the Starting Point



Initially, the pain of child loss is so severe, that it is easy to wonder if it is survivable.  Many women say they know, if it happened to them, they could not survive it.

I want to tell them:  Yes, you can. 

If I can, you can.

We just have to.

But here is something to think about:

Surviving is a good thing.  But just surviving is not the ideal and does not mean we are growing.

Surviving is not enough.  Just because I have survived, does not mean I have grown.

Yes, I am still standing.  Now what?

What does God want me to do with this?

4 thoughts on “Survival is the Starting Point

  1. Our only son has been gone from this earth now for 5 months. Your words really speak to me. I’ve been asking myself what does God want me to do now. It is very difficult. It is indescribable. It is very painful. I am just clinging to Jesus .

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    • Teresa, I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear son. Five months is a small span of time but I know it can feel like ages and ages when we are hurting so terribly. For now, as the storm of your loss rages at the peak of its fury and the valley of weeping stretches before you long, dark and deep, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do – cling to Jesus. As He does the work in your heart that He purposes to do, He will make it plain how you can best serve Him. I believe the first and most important thing He would have us do is to be a witness to His goodness, love and mercy even as we weep. The world needs to know that God is good and that He knows what He is doing. Honoring and praising Him in our pain is a gift we can offer our Lord that pleases Him and strengthens us for whatever else He might have us do. Stay close to Him. He will not fail you.


  2. I love this Kim! Yes, at first (after the initial sense that we cannot survivive) survival is the goal. But, like you, I don’t want to just be a scraggly tree that manages somehow to escape utter destruction. I want to be a fruit-bearing, shade-giving specimen of the faithfulness of God.

    “You shall be oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendour.”

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