The Lord’s Song: From ‘A Song of Sighs’ by Susannah Spurgeon (2/3)


by Susannah Spurgeon, on the death of her husband, C. H. Spurgeon, (Excerpts)

Part Two: Mercy Outruns Misery

How shall I sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? For I am brought into a strange, weary land of loneliness and sorrow. I am a captive to grief, and the light of my life has been suddenly quenched in darkness.

Yet there is a song to be sung.

Mercy has outrun misery. Divine love has pierced the gloom of an unspeakable sorrow with a ray of celestial glory. The anguished cry of a stricken heart has been hushed by the sweet compassion of a comforting God! “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!”

It is the Lord’s song.

“He Himself has done it!” “The Lord gave—and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the Name of the Lord.” Is our dear Master to hear only sobs and sighs, and see only tears and sorrow, when He asks for His own beloved ones back again, that they may be with Him, and behold His glory? Nay, truly. For all His will is love.

The harp may often hang on the willows, and some of its choicest strings may be snapped forever on earth; but faith’s hand must reach it down, and love’s skillful fingers will soon find some tender chords of thankfulness in which to repeat His praise.

He will help me to sing it.

A low undertone of joy

All the weeks and months since the pearly gates opened that my beloved husband might pass into the excellent glory, there has been, (for his sake,) deep down in my heart, a low undertone of joy in God, like the singing of the pebbles on a beach when the tide comes rolling in.

I thank God for this. And now that the deep waters are somewhat assuaging, this hidden music ought to be more distinct and appreciable. He will help me to sing it.

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