I see you. The one who is grieving this Christmas. You are missing someone today, someone you love. Someone who is gone from your sight. And it hurts. But still you sing. You buy the presents. You smile. You make the cookies. You praise God because He is worthy. And because it is Christmas. And…… Continue reading Persevering

Unsubmissive Remembering

“Yet there is a way of remembering sorrow, which brings no blessing, no enrichment which does not soften the heart, nor add beauty to the life. There is an unsubmissive remembering which brings no joy, which keeps the heart bitter, which shuts out the sunshine, which broods over losses and trials. Only evil can result…… Continue reading Unsubmissive Remembering

The Place of Departure

Over the course of that day, the day of the crash, Hans drives at least four times over the spot from which he will leave us for Heaven. It was to that very spot, at the end of our driveway, that Hans would cajole me into taking him as a little boy so he could…… Continue reading The Place of Departure

My Book is Finished

My book, Never Ceasing: God’s Faithfulness in Grief, is now available for purchase. Buy Now I began writing in early 2016 just after Hans left us for Heaven and started publishing this blog in September of that year. Just about five years later (almost to the day) my book is now ready to share in…… Continue reading My Book is Finished

The Empty Seat

By Charles Haddon Spurgeon Scripture: 1 Samuel 20:27 From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 25 “Love well those who are spared to you, and do them all the good you can, for their places will not hold them for ever. Cheer the aged, console the desponding, help the poor, for they will soon be beyond your…… Continue reading The Empty Seat

Holiday Haiku

Memories linger Drift around and settle down  In an empty chair Photo: Josef Nolywaika Precious Memories – Lyrics by J.B.F. Wright Precious memories, unseen angels, Sent from somewhere to my soul; How they linger, ever near me, And the sacred past unfold. Chorus: Precious memories, how they linger, How they ever flood my soul; In…… Continue reading Holiday Haiku

Letter to a Stricken Soul -A.W. Pink

My dear brother, My heart goes out to you in sympathy in this dark hour, and I feel my helplessness to comfort you. The loss you have sustained is far greater than any human creature can make up–your suffering is too acute for any fellow-mortal to alleviate. I may endeavor to pour into your sorely-wounded…… Continue reading Letter to a Stricken Soul -A.W. Pink

Trusting God With Our Departed Child’s Eternity

What if Jesus Christ is God, as He claimed, and you have no substantial reason to believe your child knew anything about Him or the Way of salvation? What if your child died while involved in sin? What if she emphatically rejected Jesus as her Savior? What if you fear your departed child is now…… Continue reading Trusting God With Our Departed Child’s Eternity

Dreading the Anniversaries

The days and weeks leading up to The Day that forever marks the death of our child can be difficult. For some, the anticipation is far worse than the actual day, with the first anniversary usually being the hardest, but not always. Many parents fear the one year anniversary day will be as horrendous as…… Continue reading Dreading the Anniversaries

Prayer for a Time of Bereavement

John MacDuff, from “Family Prayers” 1885 The desire of our eyes has been taken away by a stroke! The shadows of death have unexpectedly fallen around us! Oh forbid that we should rebel under the rod, and refuse to be comforted. Let us glorify You “in the fires!” Let us feel that if we are Your children, there…… Continue reading Prayer for a Time of Bereavement

Blessings of Bereavement

Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word. Psalm 119:67 BLESSINGS OF BEREAVEMENT by J. R. Miller, 1896 At first we would be disposed to say that no blessings can come out of bereavements. But the grace of God has such wondrous power, that even from the saddest desolating of…… Continue reading Blessings of Bereavement

You’re Going to Make It

“Live on promises, not on explanations. Even if God explained why your child died, the answer wouldn’t end the heartbreak or quench the questions. Instead of explanations, God gives promises, which keep you moving ahead, giving hope and new strength. “You’ll get through your grief. It won’t end today or next month. But there is…… Continue reading You’re Going to Make It

Far Better: From ‘A Song of Sighs’ by Susannah Spurgeon (3/3)

by Susannah Spurgeon, On the death of her husband, C. H. Spurgeon, (Excerpts) Part Three – Parting Company I can see two pilgrims treading this highway of life together, hand in hand—heart linked to heart. True, they have had rivers to ford, and mountains to cross, and fierce enemies to fight, and many dangers to…… Continue reading Far Better: From ‘A Song of Sighs’ by Susannah Spurgeon (3/3)

The Lord’s Song: From ‘A Song of Sighs’ by Susannah Spurgeon (2/3)

by Susannah Spurgeon, on the death of her husband, C. H. Spurgeon, (Excerpts) Part Two: Mercy Outruns Misery How shall I sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? For I am brought into a strange, weary land of loneliness and sorrow. I am a captive to grief, and the light of my life has been…… Continue reading The Lord’s Song: From ‘A Song of Sighs’ by Susannah Spurgeon (2/3)