God Glorified in Sorrow: From ‘A Song of Sighs’ by Susannah Spurgeon (1/3)


by Susannah Spurgeon, on the death of her husband, C. H. Spurgeon, (Excerpts)

Part One – Introduction: A sweet symphony of praise

I wrote this ten years ago, on my return from Mentone, that beautiful village on the sea-coast; when with one hand the Lord had smitten me well-near to death, while with the other hand He had poured into my wounded heart the oil and wine of His choicest consolation. It was a wonderful time to my soul, and He helped me to sing aloud of His faithfulness, and to bless His Name—though He had taken from me my husband—the joy and crown of my earthly life.

Because of this, because He had glorified Himself in my sorrow, and out of the inmost recesses of my heart had drawn forth this canticle of grief, the words went straight to other lonely hearts, and rested there like ‘the dew of Hermon.’ For a long time, I received constant testimony to the fact that, in a very remarkable way, God was using the experience He had given me, as a balm and cordial to heal and soothe others of His bereaved children; and none but myself can tell how precious was this knowledge to my aching heart.

“It seemed indeed worthwhile suffering and sorrowing, if God’s love and pity turned it all into a sweet symphony of praise to Him, and enabled stricken ones to honor Him by a response of sweet submission and perfect truth.”

So, to the glory of my dear Lord, whose grace was sufficient for me in my darkest and most distressful days, I have had my “Song of Sighs” reproduced; and my one earnest desire is that, as the Lord then gave it the approval of His blessing, so now he will not withhold the grace which alone can make it His voice of comfort to those who mourn.

Read Yours Till Heaven: The Untold Love Story of Charles and Susie Spurgeon by Ray Rhodes, Jr.


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