Most of my book was written very early in my grief. These excerpts are not how it is for me now. Time has softened the blow and the Lord has carried me through the worst of it. I share for the sake of those who are just beginning life without their loved one.


“I am injured. I am alive, but I am injured and in a lot of pain. I am walking around wounded, though the wounds are not visible. And it is easy for you to cause me additional pain without even realizing it.

Like when you kiss your little boy at the park, and I see you do it. Or when you stand there behind the cash register at the hardware store, young and strong and smiling and very polite and handsome like my Hans. Or when you do not remember him at all. You have nothing to say about him, no memory of him to share with me so I can know he really existed, and it is not just my imagination I had a son.”

-From ‘Never Ceasing: God’s Faithfulness in Grief’

Never Ceasing book cover

6 thoughts on “Wounded

  1. atimetoshare.me

    Doing this book is your way of thanking God for his healing. In so doing you’re helping more people wade through their own sadness. Even in our darkest hours, he remains constant and consistent. You will always have scars from this tragedy, but we know that Jesus carries the remains of his suffering too as a reminder of what he does for us every day. May he continue to lift you into his comforting arms.

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