Better Than a High Five


Hans always made a point of thanking me whenever I helped him out.    I believe he thanked me after almost every meal I cooked for him.  Every pizza was “the best pizza ever.”

Often, after asking me to assist him in some way, he would say, “I hope this doesn’t cause you more work”.  And when I did something just for him that he found particularly helpful or amazing, he would express his delight by declaring emphatically,

“You da Mommy!”

Like, he might ask me to sew a patch on his uniform while I was right in the middle of canning twent-eight quarts of carrots…

“I hope this doesn’t cause you more work.”

Of course, he knew it did, and he truly did not want to be a bother, but saying it made him feel better. So, I would just smile at him and say something like, “Sure, what else have I got to do?”  Then he would smile back with mischief in his eyes and thank me profusely. I didn’t want him to think I was too busy for him, that he was a pain in the neck.  He was always so genuinely appreciative.

Hans would be very upset to see the extra work he has caused me recently – this work of grieving.  So, I try not to lose myself in it.

And I can’t wait to hear him say those words again…

“You da Mommy!”

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9 thoughts on “Better Than a High Five

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  2. Brandy Davenport

    Love it! Such a handsome boy in that uniform 😍. A thankful heart does not come naturally. It is a sign of good upbringing and of a heart that recognizes God’s goodness towards him. I see the same spirit in your daughter Olivia and it is so uplifting!

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