Another Year Closer

-Excerpt from my book Never Ceasing: God’s Faithfulness in Grief In cutting his earthly life short, God has withheld no good thing from our Hans. For the Christian, to die is gain, and Hans has surely gotten the better end of the deal. He is basking in the light of God’s presence, utterly shielded from…… Continue reading Another Year Closer

Is Anyone Remembering Him Today?

I know of a man and his wife, a little older than us, that had a son who died some time ago in a car crash. Same age as our Hans, same abrupt end. I don’t know these folks personally; they are acquaintances of my husband. I have only seen them from a distance. I…… Continue reading Is Anyone Remembering Him Today?

Nothing But the Blood

As a little boy, Hans would sing this hymn in the back seat of the car, all the way to town (45 miles), at the top of his lungs. It contains all the theology a little boy needs to know. Big boys, too. Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Robert Lowry (1876) 1 What can…… Continue reading Nothing But the Blood

Memorial Day

Though my Father served in the United States Air Force, I do not come from a particularly military family. Our son, Hans, did not serve in the military.  But, as a volunteer firefighter/medic, he was given firefighter’s honors at his memorial service.  To be honest, I was floored.  I did not expect such an honor.…… Continue reading Memorial Day


Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; Isaiah 49:15-16 There are things about Hans I will never forget for as long as…… Continue reading Forgetting

Re-post: Things Are Not What They Seem

One of the things many bereaved parents would like you to know is this:  Even though they may seem pretty together and functional; even though they smile, though perhaps not very brightly and not for very long; and even though it seems like they are moving on with life, there are many, many things going…… Continue reading Re-post: Things Are Not What They Seem

Revised Post: Precious

“As death overcomes the body and the believer passes into life eternal, in the last moments of grace, is the still small voice of the Lord the last and clearest thing a child of God hears on earth?”  Click here to read the entire post. Save

Revised Post: Racket

Originally published September 28, 2016 This summer, our first without Hans, has been like no other. In addition to Hans being gone, the rest of the family have been away from home for much of the summer work season. And it is very quiet. One of the first things that struck me after Hans went…… Continue reading Revised Post: Racket

Re-Post: Well Said

EXCERPT: Back when I wasn’t doing too good and I couldn’t talk and I wasn’t very much fun, you never gave up on me.  You liked to teach me things and you would show me one step at a time that I could do it.  I never got a chance to say thank you. I…… Continue reading Re-Post: Well Said

Light Show

Hans was a flashlight fanatic.  This, of course, led to a rechargeable battery habit.  He did not want to get caught on a highway emergency call without a good light.  Car repairs and other work at home often had to be done in the dark as well. So, not unexpectedly, this past Christmas Hans gave…… Continue reading Light Show