Chance, Accident, Luck or Divine Providence?

Charles Spurgeon: “Blessed is that man who is done with chance, who never speaks of luck–but believes that from the least, even to the greatest, all things are ordained by the Lord. We dare not leave out the least event! The creeping of an aphid upon a rosebud is as surely arranged by the decree of Providence–as the march of a pestilence through a nation! Believe this, for if the least thing is omitted from the supreme government, so may the next be, and the next–until nothing is left in the divine hands. There is no place for chance, since God fills all things.”

J.C. Ryle: “There is no such thing as chanceluck or accident in the Christian journey through this world. All is arranged and appointed by God. And all things are working together for the believer’s good!”

Charles Spurgeon: “God’s Providence not only extends to mankind in general, and to the beasts of the field, and the birds of the air, and the innumerable fish in the sea–but also to every atom of matter in the universe!”

Charles Spurgeon: “All things are ordained of God and are settled by Him, according to His wise and holy predestination. Whatever happens here on earth–happens not by chance, but according to the counsel of the Most High!”

Matthew Henry: “God who feeds the sparrows–will not starve His saints! God controls all the concerns of His people, even of those that are most minute, and least regarded. This is an encouragement to live in a continual dependence upon God’s providential care! If God numbers our hairs, much more does He number our heads. He takes care of our lives, our needs, our concerns, and our souls. God’s universal providence extends itself to all creatures, and to all their actions–even the smallest and most minute!”

Charles Spurgeon: “Providence may be seen as the finger of God, not merely in those events which shake nations and are duly emblazoned on the page of history–but in little incidents of common life. Yes, in the motion of a grain of dust, the trembling of a dew-drop, the flight of a swallow, or the movements of a fish!”

Charles Spurgeon: “We talk of God’s providence when we have hairbreadth escapes. But are they not quite as much divine providences, when we are [or are not]  preserved from danger?”

Charles Spurgeon: “It is most important for us to learn that the smallest trifles are as much arranged by the God of Providence–as the most momentous events! He who counts the stars–has also numbered the hairs of our heads. Our lives and deaths are predestined–but so, also, are our sitting down and our rising up.”

Louis Berkhof: “Scripture everywhere teaches that even the minutest details of life are of divine ordering!”

Charles Spurgeon: “Jesus rules the whole world for the good of His people. All the arrangements of Providence are under His control. Nothing is done in the entire universe, without His command or His permission.”

Charles Spurgeon: “The best remedy for affliction, is sweet submission to God’s providence. What can’t be cured, must be endured!”

J.C. Ryle: “If God has given His Son to die for us–let us beware of doubting His kindness and love in any painful providence of our daily life.”

Charles Spurgeon: “Divine Providence is a downy pillow for an aching head–and a blessed salve for the sharpest pain. He who can feel that his times are in the hand of God–need not tremble at anything that is in the hand of man!”

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14 thoughts on “Chance, Accident, Luck or Divine Providence?

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  3. Kim, how blessed to read what speaks to our common (uncommon, I should say) hearts. A.W. Pink wrote a whole book on the subject, The Sovereignty of God. The second time through instilled the truths within me and confirmed 2 Samuel 5:23, spoken by David right before his death. “God hath made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in things and sure. This is all my salvation and all my desire.” Herein is peace, knowing all things are His and all to HIs glory, here, now, and forever. How blessed we are to be His. 🙂

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    Each one of these quotes holds great truth and comfort. Thank you for posting them. I’ve missed seeing your posts lately. Is everything going well for you?

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    1. All is well here, Kathy. I have been needing to spend time on other things and have not been writing this winter. Hope to post again in the Summer. We’ll see. But sharing great writing about our Wonderful Savior is always satisfying. There is just so much of it, it is hard to decide what to share sometimes. I am glad you find the quotes helpful. The Lord bless you this New Year.

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