No surrender

An excerpt from Never Ceasing: God’s Faithfulness in Grief

… So, I must wait, but waiting does not have to mean stagnating. The Lord still has business to conduct in His universe. There are people yet to be born and souls yet to be saved. The time I have left is shorter than it feels; I must open my eyes and get busy. I need to see beyond the edges of this massive mountain called Grief and remember life is not all about me and my pain. I cannot let the mountain block my view of all that is still beautiful in the world. I must not merely exist, sitting in ashes, forever in its shadow.

In Christ’s joy, I need to stand strong under the crushing cataract that cascades relentlessly from Mount Grief’s stony heart. Though it leaves me gasping for air as it pounds me with pain, it will not win, this mountain that pours torrents of sadness on me. Even as it crashes down upon my weary head, throwing me into the mire and holding me under as I miss my boy, by God’s grace I will not capitulate. I will not surrender to Grief. I will stand up, defy the deluge, and breathe the fresh clean air of Truth.

And then, I will look up and see the sun that still shines on me, that has been shining all these months of sorrowing. I will look up and I will smile.

4 thoughts on “No surrender

  1. Such a beautiful and stirring post. Each line is full of truth, aptly introduced with “waiting does not have to mean stagnating.”
    Thank you for your courage and open heart to the Lord, it surely uplifts us readers.
    Wonderful quote at the end. Thank you again sister. ⚘

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