For The Love of Hymns

The Lord’s Church is on my heart this morning and this post ministered to me in a special way just when I needed it. Thank you, Barbara.

Musings and My Two Cents

A couple of weeks ago at prayer meeting, we opened with a hymn that I purposefully made note of the page number, so that I could come back to it because the lyrics, along with its melody were so weighty, so overwhelming and humbling. It made me so appreciative of God’s magnificent and sovereign electing grace.

The hymn was an old hymn from the year 1707, by Isaac Watts, How Sweet and Awful Is The Place.  When I first sung this song at my church, I struggled to understand what was meant by “awful”, and later discovered it meant in its truest sense, awe-inspiring. It has been changed  to awesome in revision, which I believe diminishes its weight.

Some hymns help to right our thoughts about God and his providence. They help to buoy our faith and trust in him. Some hymns remind us that we are of another kingdom…

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