Not Sure: What if My Departed Child is Lost?

  “What if all this stuff about Heaven and Hell is true?  What if I have no reason to believe my child knew anything about Jesus.  What if I failed to tell my child the most important thing in all the world?  What if my child is now eternally lost?  How can I ever live…… Continue reading Not Sure: What if My Departed Child is Lost?

Revised Post: Sure

Experiencing the wrenching pain of child loss has helped me to recognize more fully that most grieving people have an intense need for hope, for assurance that they will someday be reunited with their loved ones. Assurance and hope based on facts leads to peace and can take the edge off grief when it threatens…… Continue reading Revised Post: Sure

Joy and Sorrow United

Joined in God – Streams in the Desert 8/19 “As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing” 2 Cor. 6:10 When Sorrow sang, her notes were like the low sweet call of the nightingale, and in her eyes was the unexpectant gaze of one who has ceased to look for coming gladness.  She could weep in tender sympathy…… Continue reading Joy and Sorrow United

New Friends

Originally published October 15, 2016 In these past nine months since Hans drove to the highway, I have dreamed of him only once.  I had this dream shortly after he left us and it was very brief. In my dream, Sunday worship had just concluded and Hans was standing with a group of men outside…… Continue reading New Friends

Survival is the Starting Point

  Initially, the pain of child loss is so severe, that it is easy to wonder if it is survivable.  Many women say they know, if it happened to them, they could not survive it. I want to tell them:  Yes, you can.  If I can, you can. We just have to. But here is…… Continue reading Survival is the Starting Point

Revised Post: Compelled

Original post published October 10, 2016 It is over seven months now since Hans left us for Heaven, yet I still get these illogical, unrealistic, untrue thoughts/longings/compulsions to find him.  For instance: It’s such a beautiful breezy day; it’s hot and the birds are singing.  I stand in the yard looking around and I think:…… Continue reading Revised Post: Compelled