Light Show

Hans was a flashlight fanatic.  This, of course, led to a rechargeable battery habit.  He did not want to get caught on a highway emergency call without a good light.  Car repairs and other work at home often had to be done in the dark as well. So, not unexpectedly, this past Christmas Hans gave…… Continue reading Light Show

Book Review: ‘Not By Accident’ by Isabel Fleece

I cannot say enough good things about this book.  I read it over and over in the early months after Hans left us and was greatly encouraged.  Mrs. Fleece is a wise and gentle woman whose writing style is both comforting and instructional. Not By Accident: What I Learned from My Son’s Untimely Death tells…… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Not By Accident’ by Isabel Fleece

Love Photographs Them in the Heart!

Love photographs them in the heart! (William Thoseby, “Foot-prints on the Sands of Time” 1869) It is true there are strong consolations and compensations in Divine providence, but even the Christian consolations cannot drink up all the heart’s sorrow in the hour of separating death.  We cry with truth, but yet in tears, “O death,…… Continue reading Love Photographs Them in the Heart!

Revised Post: The Facts

“This heavy sorrow is what I feel.  It is not a reflection of what I, as a Christian, believe.  I know where our son is and  I believe what God has told me about our eternal home.  Why then do I sorrow? It is because each crashing wave of grief is my flesh crying out…… Continue reading Revised Post: The Facts

Revised Post: Called

“I do not believe in accidents. If I thought the crash was “just an accident”, a freak chance event, I might just lose myself in despair, in the pointlessness of it.   It would take an impossible amount of faith for me to believe the crash was an accident.  The precision of the timing and logistics…… Continue reading Revised Post: Called

Trust God?! Why Should I?

You are hanging from a rope over a yawning chasm.  Your climbing partner has just plunged into the abyss right before your eyes and has met with a terrifying, horrible death.  And there you are, alone and afraid, twisting in the wind at the end of your rope, stunned at the loss of your friend. …… Continue reading Trust God?! Why Should I?

When Believers Die

Health and sickness, life and death–will always be in the hands of the Lord. When Believers Die. (John Newton’s Letters) When believers die–whatever the accident or the illness may be–they are only the means, but not properly the cause of their death. They die because the time has come when He who loves them best,…… Continue reading When Believers Die